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Meet Our Executive Director:
Muhammad Abdul-Ahad

Muhammad Abdul-Ahad is a highly respected and innovative leader in the Minneapolis violence prevention network. Mr. Abdul-Ahad utilizes his lived experience, professional training, and his intuitive people skills to inspire individuals and communities most impacted by violence to see their own potential and make changes that create a safer community for all. He operates with a deep-seated belief that preventing violence is possible when all community members are included in creating the solution.

He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Minneapolis non-profit T.O.U.C.H Outreach which stands for, Teaching Our Urban Communities Hope. Motivated to serve his beloved Minneapolis south side community in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Mr. Abdul-Ahad established T.O.U.C.H Outreach in late 2020. As a south Minneapolis native, he is deeply connected to the people and committed to providing a new approach to safety in his community. By building relationships, empowering individuals, and inspiring his neighbors to reconnect through outreach and engagement events, Mr. Abdul-Ahad and his team at T.O.U.C.H outreach are changing the face of public safety in Minneapolis.

Outside of his professional life, Mr. Abdul-Ahad is a father and friend to many. Coming from a large
Minneapolis family, he is deeply inspired by his mother who is also an outreach worker and community leader. She taught him and his siblings that they have an obligation to give back to their community.

In this clip, Muhammad Abdul-Ahad speaks about his team of Violence Interrupters and the work they do throughout the city of Minneapolis.  

Meet Our Team

T.O.U.C.H Outreach was selected as an inaugural agency in the City of Minneapolis’, MinneapolUS
Strategic Outreach Initiative (MinneapolUS). Trained in the globally recognized, evidence-based model, Cure Violence, Mr.
Abdul-Ahad leads a team of Violence Interrupters, 6 nights a week in Minneapolis to de-escalate
conflicts and connect people with resources to steer them away from violence.

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